Unifi-Video EOL Extended to Jan 15th?

I read that Ubiquiti extended the cloud access deadline to Jan 15th. It is now January 10th and the cloud access is GONE. Not a big deal BUT; If you have cloud access enabled and have email alerts setup, email alerts stop. The real problem is the NVR is stuck in a loop trying to access the cloud that no longer exists. The kicker is you have to have cloud access to Disable the cloud access. If you can’t disable cloud access, you can’t access the email settings for your alerts so you can setup email.

We/I need some way to disable cloud access from the CLI. I am a CLI novice and can’t find a way to do this at the command line. I am wonder if anyone has figured this out and wouldn’t mind sharing how to do this?

There must be a switch for this in the database itself, but I don’t think there is any CLI command you could execute to disable cloud access.

Try posting this at Unifi forums, maybe someone already has a solution that you could share here too.

Thanks. I searched Unifi and found nothing official. I did find one post with a couple of things I could try. There is a risk of losing the database which is ot the end of the world. I am going ot give it a go this morning and see if it works. If it does, I will come back here and post the results.

It appears they pulled the plug early. There are dozens if not hundreds on the Ubiquiti forms complaining. If someone were to come up with a cli command to reset the cloud access and disconnect it so they could get to their email settings, they would be a hero.