UniFi UXG-Pro / UDM-Pro Advise


I’m in need of some opinions and advise regarding the UXG-Pro and UDM-Pro devices.

My company has quite a large foot print and we’re running several VLAN networks and devices, along with a guest network that accommodates hundreds of clients at peak times.

We are currently using the UDM-Pro, and I suspect we have hit the hardware limitations, as it often freezes and causes outages.

I see that the UXG-Pro is available and I’m wondering if it would be better to switch to this device, and run the UniFi controller from one of our local servers instead. I’m not sure which of the two would carry the load and/or if this would even fix the situation. But I do know that the CPU and 4GB of memory on the DM is not enough.

Or should I go with a completely separate router/gateway entirely?



As I’ve never used Unifi routers, I couldn’t possibly recommend them to you, so take this with a grain of salt. There may be perfectly valid scenarios for home users and small to medium businesses. From what you’re describing though I would definitely recommend a non-Unifi router. In my opinion they are just too limited in the features alone, not to speak of the fact that the hardware isn’t upgradable if you’re running into limitations there.

Once networks get larger and more complex we recommend something that can handle the complexity better such as pfsense.

I hate to resurrect too old a post but I find the question very relevant to me. My Unifi network is currently at 67 devices with 200-250 clients and the UDM Pro is handling the traffic mostly ok. We’re running several VLANs and occasional VPN clients. The typical load average I see on the UDM Pro ranges from 1.9 to 2.8. I have an Aggregation Pro (Layer 3) handling the internal trunks and that saved the UPM Pro a lot of work.
At what point do I change out the UDM Pro for a UXG-Pro and run the Unifi Controller from a server?

When you are having a problem with how fast it routes traffic.

Sorry for the noob question but how do I tell if the UDM Pro isn’t routing traffic fast enough?

Are you getting slower speeds than your provider is offering? If so it might be the UDM.

No, we’re getting speeds as expected. I believe we’re suffering from randomly poor DNS response time. That is being handled by a Windows Domain Controller and I believe is not related to the UDM.