Unifi USW-Pro-48 link aggregation


We just bought a couple of USW-Pro-48 switches and I’m starting to migrate some proxmox servers from the old HP switches to these ones.

I am configuring (for the first time) link aggregation (the servers only have 1Gbps ports).

However, at some point, the port manager in the Unifi console says there are no more aggregation groups available. But I couldn’t find any specs about this in the docs.

Do you know what is the maximum number of aggregation groups supported by the usw-pro-48?

Also, can I create an aggregation group with MORE than 2 ports? I kinda don’t find a way to do this in the UI.

I’m using Unifi Network console version 7.5.187 self hosted on a Debian VM.

Take this with a grain of salt because I have an older 24-port switch in service and I haven’t upgraded to v7.5 of the controller yet, but on mine, I’m definitely able to aggregate more than two ports, however, it seems they have to be numerically consecutive.

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You can have more than 2 ports aggregated together , we have three ports on these switch

The ports need to be next to each other i.e. 12-14, you can not have 12,14.-15



Thanx… I had a (comprehension) problem with the UI, and I didn’t notice that the port I choose was the “last of the range” and not the “only one” that aggregates to the selected port.

What about the maximum number of aggregation groups supported by the USW-Pro-48?

At some point, I get the following message: You’ve reached the maximum number of aggregation groups that can be supported by this device, however, I can’t find any reference about this in the docs.

You may be better off, posting this question on Unifi forums.

How many aggregate groups have you configured ?

15 or so I guess. I’ll check the Unifi forums, thanx.

Just in case anyone finds this thread, according to the Ubiquiti people, the USW-Pro-48 supports a maximum of 16 link aggregation groups as of firmware version 6.5.59 (November 2023).

Here’s the thread in the Unifi community forums.

Can you not use a larger aggregate group (more ports) and put vlans the group ?