Unifi USW-Aggregation

Anyone try one of these out yet? Looks like a more cost effective solution for a 10G switch than the US-16-XG. Only eight SPF+ ports, but for small use cases may be perfect. I was looking to possibly add it to my network. Only need a few ports for my planned upgrade to 10G. One for my NAS, one for my main machine, then an uplink to the main switch to feed any other devices that need NAS access.

I am guessing there are few in the wild yet, or everyone is off doing things for the holiday weekend. Maybe Tom will be doing a video on this at some point?

Anyone have a chance to try this out yet? I like the price but the fanless design makes me wonder if it is worth getting the US-16-XG instead.

Manly I worry about the heat from 10G RJ45 SPF+ setups. I would like to run at least one of these to a machine a couple rooms away from the rack. Already have the cable run.

The datasheet says it can handle RJ45 modules in all 8 ports. https://dl.ubnt.com/ds/usw-aggregation-ds.pdf

Yeah, I read that. But, sometimes datasheets and the real world do not exactly line up. Since RJ45 tends to get a fair bit hotter than fiber, I was hoping by now this had been tested in the wild. But, I am not seeing much talk on this switch at all. I guess it is cheap enough to just get it and see what happens.

I had one of these. CAT6a cable was too long to use a SFP+ to RJ45 connector and get more than 2.5G out of it. Works great between SFP+ devices. Had 2 switches connected via DAC, pfSense XG-1541, UDMP, and Synology RS1221+ with E10G21-F2 adapter installed.

How long was the CAT6a run? My run will only be 25-30 feet, I think. It is already run but have not measured the length exactly.

Mine is 130 feet long plus another 30 feet of patch cables.

I should be in good shape then. Hopefully. I don’t see myself needing more than 8 ports any time soon, so I will probably just grab this switch. Give it a shot.

I have the switch installed. Did some initial testing. I have Intel 520 cards and Unifi DAC cables connecting all but my main machine. That is connected via Intel 540 card over CAT6. So far, speeds are ok. Getting 2-2.5G downloads and 4-5G uploads according to open speed test between my files server and my main rig. I also ran iperf between my pfsense server and the file server. I get nearly 6G both ways. Not sure what is holding things back yet. Need to do some more digging.

The rack as it sits, so far. File server is below the image in a tower sitting on the bottom of the rack.