Unifi USG VPN to virtual server

Got a bit of a unique situation… Or at least I think I do.

I got a Unifi network that has a server (security cameras) on it. We need remote access to the cameras, but… Our ISP is a WISP that does not issue public IPs and can’t route the needed ports to our network.

I know the “easy” way would be to setup a clients vpn so we just tunnel into the network and view the cameras “locally”, but this isn’t a viable option… In part because we still have the routing issue.

My thiught was to have a computer “in the cloud” that we connect our USG to via a vpn tunnel. I guess you could say that my vision is that this cloud hosted VPN would allow us to tunnel thru our ISP and give us a public (and static) IP to use for accessing the cameras system.

That all said… I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the actual process to setup the vpn needed. I see tutorials for setting up Openvpn, but I dont think this will work for Unifi and I’m not sure that a “site to site” vpn is the term I’m looking for either as it’s just a cloud hosted server on the other end… Not a Unifi system.

Help is appreciated!

In concept to get the working would require an ipsec VPN to a cloud server and creating routes so you could connect to that server back to the UnFi system, not sure if that can be done with the USG or any of the UniFi routing equipment as they are pretty basic.

Part of me is tempted to replace the USG with a PFsense firewall. Only thing stopping me is this is a network that I have very limited access to. Would have to setup a way for me to get into the pfsense remotely.

Unifi USG VPN L2TP and Radius server is not that stable. We’ve set it up but it’s a hit and miss for our clients its so weird.