Unifi USG or pfSense for IDS/IPS

Hi all!

I am mapping out the network gear of my new house and need your help!

I will have a 250Mbps up 75mbps down connection and was wondering if the Unifi USG can handle those speeds with DPI and IPS on. I was also inclined to just build a pfSense box. Do you think that any boards from the apu2 lineup of pcengines can handle pfsense with suricata?

The network will consist of 3 different vlans and approximately 20 devices (IoT, cctv, nas, mobile devices etc). Looking forward to your recommendation!

Thank you!!

The USG is older and probably won’t be able to handle that with DPI, also the DPI on the USG is very basic and not very useful. I have not used the APU boards for pfsense.

Thank you, Tom! Any hardware that you would recommend other than Netgate products?

It will run on most any x86 hardware, just make sure you are using compatible network cards.

@Maylo I use a Qotom box, and some others use Protectli boxes.