UniFi UNS certification, worth it?

@LTS_Tom As someone who works a ton with UniFi products, have you gotten UNS or any other Ubiquiti certifications and if so were they worth it? As I am looking in to my next gig (side or full time) working more within the UniFi infrastructure, I am wondering if these are worth my time if I already am very familiar with networking and the UniFi management software.

Thanks for the feedback


I’d say it depends on your situation, as @LTS_Tom owns his company, it’s not like he will get a promotion or needs to justify giving himself a pay increase. I suppose he could have it as a business benefit on his website showing certifications but he clearly demonstrates his knowledge in his YouTube videos.

Haven’t seen much call for unifi certifications (in the UK anyway, then again as a business owner myself I don’t apply for jobs too often :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I guess it does show a basic grasp of what you’re doing with regards to unifi software.

I always tend to take certifications with a pinch of salt, just because someone has a piece of paper saying they are competent in that field, usually doesn’t equate to that. I certainly don’t look at the certifications to decide whether to give someone a job or not. Having worked with many MSCE guys that struggle to install windows on hardware they haven’t used before. In the same boat, I’ve worked with many guys who are self taught who are amazing at what they do.

Depends on your own situation and experience I guess. Not easy to answer as a business owner not being in the “jobs” market unless there’s a direct benefit to his business from having it.

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Doesn’t quite answer my question or maybe I phrased it wrong. The classes listed on UI.com look like they are single or multi day courses. Has anyone taken them, how much do they cost and is there anything to be learned if you’re already Network+ certified, familiar with internetworking concepts and already familiar with the Ubiquiti software?

Is it worth it ? Like anything else, will someone pay you extra as you have it or is it just a criteria which you will be assessed against.