Unifi UDM slow throughput

Hello everyone!

I have a UDM device. Today I got my internet speed upgraded to 200Mb. on my cable company modem I read 195Mb on my laptop, before the cable plugs to the UDM, but when checking speed on cables that runs out of the UDM I get around 75Mb.

I have threat management and other security things on (sorry, i’m not a pro :slight_smile: ), and as far as I understand the UDM should have a throughput of 850Mb with these features on.

Any idea what should I look for to solve this issue?

So I turned off all the related security features like IDS, end point scanner, honey pot, deep packet inspection, and the throughput speed is still around 75Mb.
I have firewall rules, but I am not sure it has anything to do with throughput speed.

since I get almost 200Mb through my modem, it has to be something with my configuration, I just can’t figure out what.

Are you testing this using a wired or wireless connection?

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Wired. I check with the UDM internal speed test tool and with my laptop connected with wire.


Can anyone give me a direction on how to solve this?

We never deploy the UnIFi routing equipment so their forums might be more helpful.

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Can you try disabling smart queues?

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It worked! Thank you so much! :pray:
What is the point of Smart queues if it throttles the traffic so badly?