Unifi UBB Building-to-Building Controller Issues

Hey all

We are having an issue that a Unifi Building-to-Building bridge isn’t checking in to the cloud controller for management purposes.

We have a setup as follows:

-Controller in the cloud
-Client location with a USG
-Client location has 2 buildings
-Building 1 has the WAN and the USG
-The Building-to-Building is setup between the 2 buildings bridging the LAN from USG between the 2
-The connection between the 2 sites is fully up and stable, being that when I am in building 2 I have a very good connection to the internet, and routing over the USG, so the link is working
-The 2 Building-to-Building were adapted prior to installation to the cloud controller and checked in just fine

Any ideas as to why the **Building-to-Building ** devices wouldn’t be checking in to the controller while all other unifi devices are? We confirmed the 2 Building-to-Building are talking to each other as they are bridging the LAN between the 2 buildings.