UniFi UAP-FlexHD

I’ve been receiving very poor performance on UniFi uAP-FlexHD. Restart doesn’t solve problem. Direct wired 1000Mbps to UniFi switch. Any suggestions welcome. Running latest firmware. Issue only started recently. Rebooted cloud key UCK-G2-Plus didn’t resolve.

I would first test the physical connection to your switch. Plug the network cable from the AP into a laptop and run a few speed test, check for errors on the cloudkey for the network port the AP uses. The insights, switch page on the legacy UI will provide a lot of data and you can add tx and rx errors as colums to the report:

Once you rule out the physical layer you can use the clients page and add some columns for wifi clients:

Look at rates etc.

Another route is to do a site survey for channel usage by neighboring AP’s by running a scan from the AP’s configuration, this one caught me off guard when a neighbor decided to get a Orbi system and and lit up 5G across many channels like a Christmas Tree and my 5G performance went to hell in my living room.

Thank you for the pointers. Same issue here.

I take it you don’t have a spare to swap with or multiple ones installed? I do like to see the problem follow the hardware if you have multiples swap them out.

Did you make any “changes” just before performance degraded? New firmware etc? Any new devices added to network etc. Anything you added to your home that may introduce interference (that new 10,000 watt microwave ) Can you try re-positioning the AP?

Also as a last gasp factory reset the AP and then re-adopt and configure.

I would hate to send a AP back to Unifi under RMA so it’s good to be thorough before getting to that point. You may also want to open a ticket with Unifi they can have your SSH into the AP and dump some diagnostic data.