Unifi UAP-AC-Pro's update from console silently failing


I finally could connect and adopt 2 UAP-AC-Pro’s to my UniFi Network console (installed on a debian virtual machine).

Networks and VLANs are configured and working OK.

However, the console shows that both APs can be upgraded (from to I try to do it. The console informs for a while that they are updating, but when they come online again, it still offers the update as if nothing had happened.

These are screenshots taken before/during/after the update:

This happens with both APs.

Note: The network where the APs get their IP ( don’t have access to internet. However, the console is on a server that has an interface on and another one on a network that does have access to internet (on the same network that I connect to it via web).

If you want to have the APs pull the image from the controller, you first have to go into the controller settings page, and “cache” the update file. Otherwise they will be told to download it directly from the internet.

7.3 New UI: Settings > System> Updates
7.3 Legacy UI: Settings > Maintenance


Thanx @brwainer, I’m trying this as I write this.

Is there a way to automate the periodic caching of the device firmware images?

I’m using the new UI and I pressed the “Cache” link so the current update is shown as cached. However, whenever the next update comes out, can it be automatically cached in the controller?

Not that I’m aware of. But stable updates aren’t that frequent so not that big of a deal. Most people prefer to turn off auto upgrade anyway.

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If that doesn’t help, two other things to try are:
1 - Restart the APs from the controller and then try upgrading again (I’ve had to do this on occasion with a number of random UniFi devices)
2 - Download the firmware .bin file from ui.com, SCP it over to the AP, placing and naming it where the UniFi support article tells you, SSH into the AP and manually upgrade from the CLI.

Hi @JVComputers, actually @brwainer’s first answer just worked.