Unifi U6LR vs. UAP-SHD

does anyone have any insight on comparisons between these 2 access points?

performance and longevity wise - which would be the better option?

Looks like great powerful antennas on the UAP-AC-SHD,… but the price. Wow. Don’t think these are in the same category for comparison. Looking to get the LR when they come back in stock.

Without one in hand I can’t say anything specific, those Version 6 wifi’s have been on the unobtanium list for a while now.
Even the new wifi 6 version of the Flex HD node that supposed to have bluetooth not available and no ETA on release.

Anyway, the UAPSHD and the u6LR both have good aggregate bandwidth, with the U6LR likely having a slight edge there.
The U6 should also have a 2.5 gig ethernet port and enough bandwidth to support almost the full bidirectional bandwidth of 1.25 gigabit. Supposedly previously generation AP’s couldn’t handle full bidirectional 1 gig.

Longevity? I’ve had my existing AP’s for about 1.5 years, I fully expect they will get at least 3 years or so before any concern of DOA happens if they are taken care of.

The LR implies range and it should have about 100 feet more line of sight range but can’t confirm like i said without one to use in a real working environment.

The SHD supposedly has one unique feature, a ‘security radio’ that can scan the bands for congestion or other stuff, something i’ve noticed gen 5 ap’s from UI can’t do without shutting down everything except the wired connection.