Unifi U6-Pro failed to update firmware


I have 3 different models of Unifi APs I manage with a self hosted console (version 8.0.7).

I have configured firmware checks and updates at 3AM everyday.

Last Thursday (12/14), the UAP-XGs got updated to 6.6.55.

Yesterday (12/20), the UAP-AC-PROs got updated to 6.6.55.

Today, however, all the U6-PROs tried to update and failed.

Now, I manually check, and the newest firmware that the console shows for the U6-Pro is 6.5.62:

Did Ubiquiti not released 6.6.55 for the U6-Pro?

Now I see this at UniFi - Rethinking IT - Ubiquiti

However, in the Release Notes it says Status: PULLED (see here).

And the Release Notes for 6.6.55 says: It is currently available on the Official firmware update channel for all models except Gen6, as Gen6 APs have 6.6.56 available as RC, so I guess we’ll have to wait.