Unifi U6-LR for Home use, One for each Story? or each side of house?

I was wondering How Far away AP’s need to be from each other if they are ceiling mounted?
Or, if wall mounted on same floor, but facing each other from opposite ends of house works out fine?

So i’ve been watching a lot of video’s from lawrence latetly as i’ve been planning on getting some unifi gear soon, Though i’ve heard him mention a lot about connectivity and how more AP’s are better; So i was wondering if i have a average Sqft 2 story house, Should i have one U6-LR [or pro] on main floor’s Ceiling [middle of house], and on the 2nd floor’s Ceiling [middle of house, directly above 1st ap]? OR one one left side bottom floor of house, wall mounted, and one on right side bottom floor of house, wall mounted? (I have heard that they put out wifi in a donut shape, the same direction as the AP itself i think? so if i had one on the left side of my house wallmounted, it would probably have bad coverage on the other side, but if i have one on each side facing the middle, and their both on different wifi channels, that should be fine right?

the bottom floor should have decent/good coverage, and since their vertical (on a wall) the wifi should be going upstairs also right?

I have one U6LR covering my 2500 sqft 3 story home. I have the AP wall mounted so it extends to all floors, centrally located. I initially placed the AP point in place and then did a site survey and found it could easily cover the whole home. In fact, the radios on the U6LR are so sensitive I had to reduce the radio power to drop access point retries. It was trying to communicate with neighbors -80 dB and weaker WiFi.

It really comes down to the home layout. You really need to get some data before deciding on how many APs to install.

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