Unifi Transmit Power Settings and Auto Channel

I have looked around a little and the last post I have seen is from 2 years ago saying that the auto transmit power setting still just sets the AP to High transmit power. Does anyone know if this is still the case? Also what are peoples thoughts on the auto channel setting?

I have a deployment of 8 APs and I don’t have any site survey tools or really want to pay for a survey if I can avoid it. If not I understand and will do it just wanted to explore all options.

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For most installs we leave them at auto and don’t have any issues.

I use Ubiquiti’s Wifi Man app and walk the grounds watching signal strength and roaming. Walk slow because the app isn’t quite real-time. and it helps to know the MAC addresses of the APs before hand. Auto channel worked great.

I installed about 20 APs in a student housing complex and for some strange reason out of the 200+ devices connected there were a handful that wouldn’t work until I set the transmit power off of auto. Maybe there was something else that could be done but nobody in the forums had an answer except for taking channel and power off auto. To this day I still have channel on auto.

See so much conflicting info re signal power settings.