Unifi talk paging

Unifi talk does not have an overhead paging feature that i can find, but i have heard that it can be done via a third party device. has anyone done this?

I have not used UniFi talk but we have used these with FreePBX

Thanks, i will give it a look!

Hey @mtsoule,

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One other thing you may want to try (its just an idea) is to get the lowest end phone and/or the lowest cost phone for your phone system As long as there is a way for the IP phone to go off-hook when it’s called upon, then this idea should work. Once you have those two items: 1) a spare low-cost phone and 2) confirmed phone can auto answer when called upon, then all you need to do is open the phone up, solder the two leads from the speaker to a pair of wires that are connected to the Input of your paging amp. Make sure everything is unplugged before soldering anything. This way, when you go to page, you dial the extension number of the phone we have setup for paging, it automatically goes off-hook and you speak your announcement. That’s all there is to it. This may not be a project for everyone, but it’s not too complex to complete. In some cases it could be the only way to introduce paging to your system, hosted or on-prem.

great idea, yes, i have thought about that… I am an electronic engineer so i have no problem with soldering. it would be worth experimenting with on my test setup anyway… thanks!