Unifi Talk Issues

Bear with me as there is a backstory and a detailed outline of my network setup.

A couple of weeks ago, my UDMPro took a shit. IT decided to go into recovery mode everytime I unplugged and plugged it back in. Since I have mission critical services going on, I could not afford to be offline for an extended period of time. (I run my own business and youtube channel out of my home). I decided to go to Microcenter (local computer store) and purchased a cloud key gen2+ along with the rackmount accessory. The setup and initial configuration was easy as pie and I did not have any issues, that was until I decided to setup Unifi Talk on it and thats where the issue starts:

Unifi talk keeps going offline for no obvious reason. I have tried google search and have not come up with any good info there. So with that being said, here is the setup for my network:

ISP is Frontier (Modem)
The ISP is connected to my Untangle Firewall
The Untangle Firewall is connected to the USG Pro. (There are no specific rules on the firewall for Unifi Talk).
The USG Pro is connected to a 24 port switch
The 24 Port Switch is connected to an 8 port POE Switch
The POE Switch is then connected to the cloudkey gen2+

I have run just about every test that I can think of and I am not finding the obvious error. I am guessing that the firewall or the ISP may have something to do it but I am not sure. I would appreciate any suggestions/thoughts that would be helpful. Maybe its so obvious that I can’t see it.

Try bypassing the USG the double NAT may be causing issues.

Per my understanding from watching your youtube channels, its best to get away from the UDM Pro and/or USG, correct? Since I have USG integrated into the network; how difficult would it be to get rid of the USG without killing the whole network and having to re do everything? If you have a how to video or something similar, please point me in the right direction.

As Unifi Talk and USG are from the same company it should work.

The issue you have, is the untangle firewall infront of the USG , it is probably this causing the issues.

SIP traffic sometimes do not like double nat setups

If you remove the untangle firewall temporary, does Unifi Talk work

I got rid of the USG and of course my UDM Pro took a dump, so I opted for untangle and the network as a whole seems to be doing a lot better. There are some tweaks that I have to do still, but its minor stuff really. Thanks for the tips. I do appreciate it.