Unifi switches in the dusty barn

Hey all. I’m wondering about the hardware I should be using in my barn.

I currently have cat5 going out to the barn with a UniFi AP-AC-Mesh connected. Works great.

However, I want to put a bunch of UniFi cameras out there to watch the animals (ie: when they are giving birth). I plan to put about 12 cameras up. Mostly the UniFi Protect G3 Bullet. I’ll have at least 1 UniFi Protect G4-PRO Camera, maybe 2.

Here is my dilemma. It is pretty dusty out in the barn. Dirt floors. Grass/straw dust. Etc. Do I go with several UniFi Switch Flex switches? Or are one of the indoor 24 port switches ok in a dusty environment. It would definitely be out of the weather. My hunch is no, but curious what others think or know.


The Flex switch should be good, the important part is the one that does not have fans that will pull the dust in.

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Sounds good. Thanks Tom!

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I think the flex switch is a great option as it is fanless. Question can you build a very small cabinet for the switch that could be outside of the dust zone?

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Unfortunately there is no office area or loft area. It is a 50’ x 50’ barn with all the stalls open and “vaulted ceilings”. It’s all in the dust zone.

I could build a cabinet, but wouldn’t that lead to possible overheating?

Another thought I just had is operating temperature. I just looked at the specs. Going fanless I have the option of either the USW-Flex or the US-8-150W. The US-8-150W is only rated for 23 to 113° F. While the flex has a much wider range rated with -40 to 131° F. Which will be important in a barn with no HVAC. It’s not uncommon where I live to get down to -20° and go over 100° F.

And one more plus for the flex is power consumption. I’ll be using 4 flex switches. One base flex and 3 plugged into that base. Giving me 13 usable ports. Each flex uses 7w excluding POE. So I’m at 28w for my 4 flex switches. And if I needed 16 ports I could get one more flex and be running at 35w. With the US-8-150W I would have to get 2 switches which would give me 16 usable ports(utilizing the sfp ports of course). Each switch uses 20w excluding POE. So I’m at 40w to run them both. Not a huge deal here, but it is worth noting.

On the downside is price. Currently, to get 16 usable ports I would have spend $500 on the flex switches and only $400 on the US-8-150W switches.

I think I have convinced myself which switch model to go with(the flex). haha

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Year given many of your issues the flex seems like a reasonable choice.