Unifi switch with high RX traffic

I want to start off with this is the first Unifi switch I’ve owned, so what I’m describing could be normal. I’ve read a few different docs on adoption and configuration, but I’ve noticed high RX traffic on this switch. The switch below only has one connection, which is an uplink to a Cisco switch. There are no other devices connected to this switch, nor is there any other switches connected to it. I read in a forum post about turning on port isolation, which I did on the uplink, however, it’s still receiving a lot of traffic. Is there something I missed/misunderstood?


When they said to turn on port isolation, they meant to do it at the upstream port - do it on the Cisco side. That receive traffic must be all broadcast/multicast. But if you have a lot of that going on in your network, maybe the network as a whole should be split up into smaller sections. Port isolation helps when you want to keep things in the same subnet/VLAN but stop them from sending traffic to each other (only allowing traffic to the uplink)

I just assumed this is something with how I have the Unifi switch configured as we do have other no name switches that don’t have this same issue. This switch just has 3 vlans configured, one for the switch management, one for voice, and one for lan traffic. I added the Cisco uplink port to our network monitor, and it averages around 50Mbps. When I look at one of the other no name switches, it’s in the Kbps.