Unifi switch with corrupt firmware?

Hello all, I have a US-48-500w switch that seems to be stuck in a boot loop. I’ve ordered a console cable so I can try to see what’s happening, but I suspect it corrupted it’s firmware somehow.

Is it possible to push firmware over the console port on a switch that doesn’t appear to boot all the way? It starts booting up, but then the white Unifi logo just blinks forever.

Any help is appreciated.

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I have never had it happen and also never attempted to fix it. Any forums posts I have saw say to RMA the unit.

I’m just glad this was on my home network and not a client’s. LOL

Anyway, I’m sure this is WELL out of warranty, so I may attempt a repair via console myself. Otherwise… Guess it gets tossed in the junk bin.


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If you can get it to boot then you can pull a firmware update from HTTP or TFTP. I’ve fixed a couple of AP’s and a Camera this way in the past. I also have a camera that I can’t sort (have not yet managed to maybe rather than can’t) but that one is stuck in uboot recovery mode and I think it has some bad flash memory.

It’s been a while since I’ve done it so don’t remember the details but I found lots of stuff online.

I have recently recovered a UAP AC Pro access point using tftp so I searched https://help.ui.com/ to see if there was something similar for UniFi switches and I found the following.

The following URL talks about Reset and Emergency Recovery of other UniFi equipment.