Unifi Switch Flex


I have a setup that currently has 2 Unifi G3 Bullets. They are powered through a switch that offers PoE to 2 devices. Customer wants to add just 1 more camera. I already have a box for the switch, I believe an altronix. Can I use a Switch Flex to power 2 G3 Bullets and 1 G3 Pro?

I have not used that UniFi Switch Flex – Ubiquiti Inc. but it does say it’s POE so it should work. Just make sure you have enough power budget.

I currently have 3 flex switches on my bench to do some testing with. I want to see how many I can daisy chain together with 100m cables before they start going wrong… (I guess it will be more than 3 but that seemed like a good starting point)

I have one of them powered from a USW-150 with one G3 powered at the moment but will try adding a few more cameras on Monday and let you know.