UniFi Switch 8 (non-PoE) Drops Offline after 24 Days

Hi Folks,

I have a Unifi Switch 8 (non-PoE) connected to another Switch 8 (non-PoE) and then onto my core home switch a Switch 24 (also non-PoE). The switches are trunked together (e.g. all VLANs).

After just over 24 days, the first Switch 8 dropped offline. Networking is still working for the clients on the first Switch 8. The second Switch 8 is fine as is the Switch 24. There was no power outage.

The switches are all running The UniFi controller is running 5.14.23 (Build: atag_5.14.23_13880) as a VM under Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS.

Any suggestions as to why this happened? It happend under a previous switch firmware release and I had to forget the two Switch 8s, re-adopt them and then reconfigure them to get this to work. (I think that this switch firmware version had fixed it… :frowning:)

Check the temp of the switches and consider replacing the cable between them. Troubleshooting something that happens every few weeks is going to be challenging.

@LTS_Tom Hi Tom - thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into replacing the cabling (a pain in the butski but reduces later pain). Temperature could be an issue. The switch is away from my son’s gaming PC (don’t have to have the heat on in winter :thinking:) but it could be an issue.

The only “strange” thing is that the PoE is working fine as is the gaming PC’s network connection did not drop (he would have told me if it did :grinning:). However, when I did a restart by turning PoE off on the upstream Switch 8 (which did not restart or drop offline from the controller) all the setting were lost on that switch.

I was seeing issue with previous firmware releases with the same configuration (but using the power brick instead of PoE) and thought that this latest one would fix it. So, could be related… Or not…