Unifi switch 5port, will it work on unms?

I have a number of towers in my wisp and we have a number of brands of switches. The outdoor boxes are cramped for space and while shopping I found these switches by Ubiquiti called unifi flex that mount outdoors. I’m wanting to know if these 5port switches will be seen and managed via UNMS? And where do I find the part# to the POE inserter, does the switch come with it’s own power supply in the packing box?

Nothing with “Unifi” in its name can be managed by UNMS/UISP. They can only be managed by the separate “Unifi” network controller.

If you really wanted to use the USW-Flex outdoors, then its best to use the USW-Flex-Utility, which is a more secure outdoor enclosure (which makes it weatherproof, otherwise the USW-Flex is only rated for incidental rain and should be mounted under a roof or other overhang) and includes a power injector. However that power injector doesn’t have an ethernet passthrough, so you completely lose the ability to use port #1.

Otherwise, the datasheet for the USW-Flex lists the recommended POE injector: https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/unifi/USW-Flex_DS.pdf

The switch does not come with an injector nor power supply in the box, and it can only be powered by POE in port #1.

By the way since it seems you are mostly familiar with WISP products, which are mostly passive POE at 24V, the USW-Flex is 48V only, and the outputs are Active POE and can’t be enabled manually.