UniFi SSID disappearing


When I plug my AP I can see the SSIDs configured (and even got to connect to one) but after a few (30?) seconds, the SSIDs “disappear” from the wifi spectrum.

What can be causing this?

I still see the AP in the console and don’t get any indication of something being wrong there.

The only thing I see in the console LOG for the AP is that every time I restart the AP, within a few minutes it says “UAP-AC-Pro has moved from channel XXX to 36 to avoid detected interference”.


I’ve just installed UniFi Network console 7.3.83 on a Debian 11 VM.

I am in the middle of a midsize corporative network, with a MikroTik router and HPE switches.

DHCP is provided by an external server (an ISC KEA on a different Debian VM).

I have connected an UAP-AC-Pro to a trunk port in the switch (with VLAN 5 as default, which I will only use for console to AP traffic).

The DHCP server is directly connected to VLAN 5 and it correctly assigned an IP to the factory reset AP.

I was able to “adopt” the AP from the console.

I created 2 WiFi networks (aside from the one created during the console setup), both with “Third-party Gateway” (since I don’t have a UniFi Gateway), each with its own VLAN ID, DHCP guarding enabled and my DHCP server added as “trusted”.

The switch is configured to relay DHCP packets from both VLANs to the DHCP server and I could verify that the IP is handed to my cellphone when I could connect during the brief period where the SSIDs are visible.

Can you ping the access point ?

Do you have any WIFI schedules setup

Disable Wireless Meshing under WIFI settings, if all AP are cabled.

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I think so (I see it from the console, I’ll check next time I’m on premises).


I’ll try that. Anyway, in the future I intend to have a couple of APs meshed.

I won’t be in the office until next Thursday and I don’t have access to that network remotely.

Yes. I even can ssh into it.

Well… disabling this I can now see (and connect to) de SSIDs (now I have to check internet connectivity, but that is probably I failure on my part handling the firewall).

Won’t I be able to use this setup with wifi meshing? I have to connect a couple of hard-to-reach-with-cable zones…

Thank you very much for your help, Paul