UniFi Software Issues - Reinstalled Wants me Reset APs

So I built a new computer, reinstalled Linux and Windows. Installed the Unifi software. Logged in, and apparently I should have backed this up as well. It sees my APs, but I can’t do anything with them as it wants me to reset them and adopt them again.

I only use the software for the APs which are functioning with all the original settings? Is there a way to get the software to see this, or am I stuck resetting everything?

Do you still have your old computer, can you back the unifi config and reinstall the config.

Was Unifi running in linux or Windows.

Unfortunately no. Those drives went in my son’s “build”, and also got wiped to be new OS drives. It is only running in Windows. I honestly didn’t realize it was all running locally. Before the “wipe” I had installed it to Linux, but hadn’t logged in. I guess that would have made me realize it was running locally.

You have to start from scratch, setup your wireless in the controller - factory default the ap’s and adopt them

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Well that’s what I was afraid of. Not to big of a deal. I assume if I use the backup option, and have a backup going forward, I can prevent this in the future? (Just restore rather than reset everything?)

Side note, this was was actually the only part of my network I didn’t have a backup for, as since it makes you login with a UI account, I mistakenly thought it was cloud based, DOH! I actually am kind of glad it’s all local, and you have to manually turn on the option to send off information though.

You should always do backups,

Setup autobackups and depending how much you change the configuration download the backup to your local pc