UniFi Smart Power Plug Alternative

I have my ISP router plugged into the UniFi Smart Power Plug. It’s “supped” to power cycle the router when it loses it’s connection (Comcast, usually drops 1-2 times a week), but it never does. Does anyone know of any good alternatives? I’ve looked at a few WiFi Smart plugs, but most of them only have an on/off feature, no power cycle. So if you turn it off, you lose WiFi & can’t turn it back on…

This one look promising:

You could buy a plug that can be programmed with an open source firmware tasmota.


Many supported plugs can be reprogrammed.

I have a ZigBee outlet and a Hubitat that has a app called Web Pinger that checks over a period of time. If that time is expired it sends an off command to the outlet waits 3 minutes and send an on command.

I configured a rule for a 15 minute sleep before the next round of checking. 3 times though that loop and it stops trying. Also each step of the way I get text messages on my phone.

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