UniFi SFP+ ports stop working for individual devices

So, I have this really strange issue with SFP+ ports on both a UniFi Switch Aggregation and Switch Pro 48 PoE.

My only 10Gbps devices are a Synology DS1621+ with a Synology E10G21-F2 2-Port PCIe Network Interface Card and two Dell PowerEdge R220 with an Intel X520-DA1 E10G41BTDA 10GbE Ethernet Converged Network Adapter. The servers run XCP-ng where I have a few VM’s running on them.

They are connected by DAC cables. Cisco SFP-H10GB-CU1-5M Compatible 10G SFP+ DAC Twinax Cable - FS United Kingdom (https://www.fs.com/uk/products/30851.html)

Everything has been working really well. BUT…

Every now and again, the ports on either switch just die and do not recognise the DAC cable anymore. If I change the port the cable is plugged in, the activity light turns on and everything goes back to normal, but if you try and put the cable back into the previous port, it is not recognised and just remains disconnected. Interestingly, if you put a different device into the port that is no longer working it will work with a different device.

It is as if the switch decides it no longer likes the device in that specific port. The problem is, I have now run out of free ports, so need to fix this issue to get everything back online.

I thought it was an issue with the network cards initially on the servers, but now my NAS has dropped off the network (all OEM parts) I’m thinking it is something else.

Has anyone seen anything similar? I would really appreciate any help as I am self-thought and set most of this up watching Tom’s videos so imagine I have done something stupid which is why I am happing an issue.

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That is a weird issue that I have never encountered before.

Would taking a video of it and putting it on YouTube help? Is there anything that you could suggest or do I need to speak to UniFi to see if it is a hardware issue?

It sounds like a hardware issue and not sure how a video showing it not working would help.

OK, the switch is still in its warranty period so will try and get it replaced and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for your replying.