Unifi Setting default network to Third Party Gateway

Last week we got updated on the Cloud Key to 3.x of OS and Network application. I thought it would be a good time to “clean up” some old configuration settings with this major update. Originally I had a USG when getting started with Unify and the default network settings were all configured in the Cloud Key:

I have since moved on to Untangled about 3 years ago and want to change the router entry as shown above to the new “3rd Party Gateway” option that used to be called “VLAN only” The default network is “untagged” and every time I set the option I get this message:

I know it’s just housekeeping but has anyone else seen this? Is it something deeper that is tied to the untagged default network?

I think the interface is trying to prevent you from saving a config that requires a Unifi gateway… even though you’re now trying to remove that config and make it VLAN only. I’m not aware of any restriction in Unifi that requires the default network to stay as a routed one. That being said, if you don’t have a Unifi gateway, then all the config in there won’t do anything, since nothing is acting as a DHCP server.

Thanks, yes it’s not effecting anything on my network. Just a cleanup of what the configuration reflects.