UniFi SDN 5.10.12 Is Released: New Enhancement, Features & Finally Dark Mode Theme!


That dark mode looks very crisp indeed :sunglasses:


Upgraded this morning. All is well. Yea Dark Mode!


Whooohooo Dark Mode!

In all seriousness I upgraded this morning and so far so good.


A few others and myself had minor issues right after the upgrade. Not sure if it was a web cashing issue or if some things on the back end take a while. But when I first logged in, it showed the old UI with the new back end and the insights page didn’t work. If you wait a few minutes and refresh the page everything works.


When ever I do an update I reboot the server to make sure everything starts as expected with the new version.


@LTS_Tom The odd thing is that I experienced those things with doing a reboot after the upgrade.


Hey @LTS_Tom,

What kind of storage do you have allocated for your unifi controller? We had allotted about 8-10GB way back when. Apparently, over time, the installs have gotten larger. Now we are sitting about 40% usage of 30GB. Just curious to see what yours looks like as far as storage goes.


I only keep a few days of logs so it is using 130 M


How did you end up limiting your logs? My settings don’t stick when they flush. Are you running a scheduled/cron script?


Those settings are in the controller settings under Data Retention


Is this where those settings are?


Yes, logs can take up a lot of room.


where are the stats data stored?


in the mongoDB database


An update already

update to the update?


Yup, and 5.10.15 and 5.10.16 were release 7 hours apart yesterday.


I only become aware the controller tells me. It told me about .12 and .17


Yes, these update appear to address some upgrade / migration issues people had with some controllers.


That is the proper way to respond to glitches, get it done and do not leave your users hanging. Microsoft take notice.


if they get any more frequent, I’ll have to write a script and run the updates in CRON