Unifi, radius and simultaneous connections

Is it possible to implement simultaneous-use with radius setup on a USG. (according to a google search you cant) I was hoping that there may be a work around.

I have setup Freeradius on Ubuntu, but cannot get this to work (using a default installation as per guide)


What is it that you are trying to get working?

The company I work for has installed WiFi connectivity in various student accomodation residencies. Currently the use PSK for authentication which opens up the network to abuse for sharing the passwords with friends etc.

I would like to implement a radius solution so the students authenticate via their unique student numbers and limit their logins to say 2 or 3 devices (connections)

We dont have access the the university network at all and only supply connectivity to the residencies.
We use Unifi AP’s for distribution.

There is some software such as https://radiusdesk.com/ that can do that but there is still a lot more to getting it all setup within UniFi. Really not sure if the USG can do it.

Is there an alternative solution you could suggest?

You can do pfsense with captive portal but we try to avoid these configurations due to the extra support issues end users encounter.