Unifi Protect with External Storage

Hi Tim,
I remember watching your video about unifi video with Raid storage.
As I have been doing some testing with unifi protect, I did an upgrade of the hard drive. In that process I got to thinking about your freenas setups and wondered if there was a way to connect to an external storage via network.
What are your thought and ideas, maybe a daily/weekly backup that copies the data to storage, and clears the drive.

There is not any official way that I am aware of to make it work, but you could SSH into the system and build scripts that could make it happen.

Thanks, I just wanted to ask. Was hoping that we could provide feedback to Ubiquiti so we could have other options.

I’ve read on Ubiquiti forums of people backing footage up to an NFS share, but it’s very much a hack not officially supported.
Better would be if Ubiquiti enable the use of the 2nd USB-C port for external direct storage but so far they refuse to…
My personal take - it’s not going to happen. They want to limit the usefulness of the CK2+ (assuming that’s what you’re referring to) to push people to future higher-end devices.