Unifi Protect vs. Unifi Video & Limited Upload Speeds

I have a client who I “upgraded” from a Unifi Video NVR to Unifi Protect. In their area, the only bandwidth available is 15 Mbs download and 1.2 Mbs (on a good day). When they were on the Unifi Video NVR they could view cameras and playback recordings reasonably well when they were outside the network. It appears Protect is extra chatty or possible needs a LOT more bandwidth. With the Protect System, from outside the network, you can view one camera if you are very patient and playing back recordings just not possible. Has anyone else experienced this issue and perhaps found a way to accomplish similar performance when outside the network?

While I don’t have any Unifi cams, you might be able to reduce the streaming quality on the channel that connects externally. If you are connecting over a VPN tunnel there are compression algorithms perhaps you can investigate this to make the most of the upload rates. Just some ideas.

Thanks. I have looked into this and have not found any way to control this. Perhaps there are some CLI commands that I am unaware of. These are the exact same cameras that were used on the Unifi Video NVR and it was working fine will the limited bandwidth.