Unifi Protect, VLAN and Pfsense

Hi there. Brand new here and rather new to Pfsense (coming from an Edge router).

I have the following issue, however not sure if it’s a firewall setup issue, or a unifi issue.

So… currently have the following setup:
Pfsense (2.5.2) → USW-Pro-24-PoE → to which I connect everything else.

I structured everything as… let’s call it “main” LAN and a couple of VLANs for IOT devices, guest wifi and now recently, the new Unifi Protect NVR.

From the LAN net, I should have access to all VLANs, including the one for the UNVR (which would be VLAN_4).

I can connect to the UNVR from my pc, by calling it’s IP address.
I can connect from my phone’s browser, by calling it’s IP address.

However, if I try to use the Unifi Protect app to connect to it, I can only access it via the online portal. If I try the “find local”, I cannot find it. if the phone/unvr are within the same VLAN though, it finds it no problem.

The last firewall rules tested should allow any IPv4 protocol on LAN net to access any port on VLAN_4 net. VLAN_4 has access to internet (obviously perhaps, as I can connect via the online portal to the UNVR).

With my ubuntu VM, did an nmap scan of the ports - it all seems allright and it looks as I should have unrestricted access from LAN net to VLAN_4 net.

Any ideas perhaps?
Thanks a lot in advance!

PS: watched I think all the videos on the topic… perhaps one (or I should say “the one”) of the motive that I switched to the pfsense box (by the way, really great material, BIG thanks!)

The Unifi Protect NVR app only looks at the local subnet for discovery so you will have to specify the IP to get it to work on another VLAN.

Thanks a lot! That seems unfortunate thought, as I have no way to input manually the IP (can’t see one at least)

I hit “find local”… does a bit of search, says can’t find anything, gives me the option to “add console” …which takes me to another screen that performs sort of a search…which goes…and goes… non-stop.

Well…if there is no solution, at least that would stop me going crazy trying to make it work.