Unifi Protect thoughts

I have Ring at present, like all things tech related it’s ticked the requirements box on the whole and still does. Based on some reading on the Unifi site, for a small 2 or 3 camera setup Cloud Key 2 Plus will suffice with a a bigger drive. Yes ultimately it would be good to use the NVR product for drive resilience and such.

I assume if I want to recorded from an out building that isn’t connected to the main network, I’ll have to have a wireless AP to mesh to. So camera <> switch <> AP AP

These are the cameras I’m looking at:
G4 Doorbell Pro (if I can get power there), currently using a Ring battery powered doorbell.

Camera AI Bullet
Camera G4 Pro
Camera G5 Bullet

All for outdoor usage.

Looking at the PoE requirements I’d prob use a spare US-8-60W switch I have for two of the cameras that would be mounted on the house and cables run to the loft to an existing patch pannel.