Unifi Protect: Set separate storage for single Cam

Good Morning everyone,

I am in the process in replacing security cameras for a shop I am contracting for, and we ended up landing on using Unifi Protect cameras since it would work well with their current server setup.

I was already able to change the directory where all the recordings land on the NAS. However, for them to be in compliance with local law, the 1 camera watching the security room needs to be stored off-site. I already fired up a vpn and am running NFS over that to the remote server. My question is, how to I point the SINGLE camera towards that other NFS mount?

Since I’m already doing a symbolic link to /var/lib/unifi-video/videos :arrow_right: /mnt/nas/videos

can I add another symbolic link within that folder that’s already linked like:
/var/lib/unifi-video/videos/camera1 :arrow_right: /mnt/remote/videos/camera1