UniFi Protect Security

Can someone explain how secure my video footage is when connecting to my UniFi Protect system remotely via the app? I got into a self hosted solution because I don’t love the idea of paying a monthly fee to have my home surveillance footage stored on someone else’s hardware and I just want some clarity on how the remote connection works.


You connect the system to the UniFi cloud which acts as a bridge to getting the data to you externally. The data paths are encrypted but do work via the UniFi cloud meaning if the UnFi cloud is compromised then someone else could access that video data.

Awesome, thanks Tom.

So is it an option to not allow my protect system access to the cloud then just connect to my network remotely with a VPN to view the streams? Or can you not view the footage locally if it’s not connected to the cloud? Obviously that would be clunky having to connect to the VPN every time but it would be more secure.

Or, when you are constantly talking about UniFis biggest downfall (a need to authenticate with the cloud) is this exactly what you are referring to?

They do require cloud registration, unclear if the system will break if you block that.