UniFi Protect Deployment

I have a client that is a property manager/owner for two sites with multiple tenants. They reached out to me about a security camera solution. After surveying the sites, I decided that they would be a good candidate for UniFi Protect.

This is my first experience deploying an IP camera system to a client who is renting out their building to multiple tenants, so I have a few questions.

Obviously, an internal network needs to be built for the property owner’s cameras and NVR, so that leaves all of the tenant’s hardware off limits. From those who have experience with this, is it best to install this hardware (NVR, switch, etc.) in existing MDF/IDFs being used by the tenants, or keep these rooms physically separate?

Also, what routers/firewalls would be best for just a small camera network?

If the tenant has access to the MDF / IDF then don’t put it there. Put in separate locked cabinets.