UniFi Protect Cloud Access Outage on August 25 2020


I know this is a month old, but I just registered.

First, how silly is it to push out updates to ALL devices at once? UI has some really smart people from Apple, PFSense, and other industries. What did they think would happen when thousands of devices are downloading, then reconnecting to their servers in such a small time frame? Updates, especially security patching and so forth is always done in stages. Especially if the firmware/patch turns out buggy you don’t brick thousands of devices and you can stop the roll out. This way if there are issues, user complaints will roll in day one, and you can stop stage 2, 3, 4 etc of the roll outs.

As a cost ratio, its easier to replace or fix 5,000 devices compared to 50,000.

Second, I am not understanding your argument about the cloud and customers. I can log into my controller or gateway with no internet. It stores a local user/pass. Ubnt now gives an option in the controller to allow cloud access OR using your UI account to log in. I’ve chosen not to do that in fear it requires the internet to check credentialing.

Why does the UDM/Protect require internet to login? Why not have local login like the controller? The, users can choose to use SSO/UI account. It works for the controller/USG/etc, so why won’t it work for the UDM? This is about control and getting use statistics.

Btw, enabling these features does not require the user to do anything other than turning it on. Any port forwarding or firewall rule changes is done behind the scenes automagically. So, again, the argument seems weak to me.

Third, no updates should ever be forced. However, customers should be made aware that the update being sent is for a security update and should link to the CVE or Blog. In fact, since everything is cloud for users, they could simply send an automated email to users and create an inbox/messaging system UI for this exact thing. Rather than that little popup, “you have device firmware updates”.

Lastely, its clear UI is having problems, jsut look at the glassdoor reviews. It has a 3.3 stars out 5 with a rating of 56% for “positive business outlook…”. Recommend to a friend 51% and CEO approval 59%.

Just as a note, the Walmart CEO has an approval of 65%. And an overall score of 3.3 with 55,000 reviews. 57% “recommend to a friend”. More people would recommend working at walmart than UI.

The over all trend line has dropped like a waterfall since 2019.

As a business owner and employer, think of your business having that rating.


Honestly Tom, something funky is happening at UI. People are starting to notice.

This is my first post on this Forum. I have been watching Lawrence Systems on YouTube for a long while. I have a question about the Update to the Android UniFi Protect Ap after the outage. It was stated that we could now make a direct connection to the Protect controller on the LAN if we wish. I updated my app this morning and can’t see how to add the controller via IP Address as was expecting. I have searched online but no luck. Can someone please guide me?