Unifi Protect App not connecting via LTE, Google Fi

So, I have been trying to figure this one out. The mobile app for Protect on my UNVR wont connect via LTE. But I can connect to any WiFi, local or remote and it works. Even when I connect to the WiFi hotspot on my wife’s phone, on the same LTE network.

I have a Pixel 3 XL and Google Fi service. We are using T-moble towers, the only thing Fi has in my area. I do not think this is LTE specific, but maybe app related. I have a thread on the Unifi forums, but so far nothing but other people having the same issue. So, I figured I would cast a wider net and ask here as well. Maybe somone has seen this before?

I have GoogleFi using a Pixel4 and it’s working fine for me.

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So, maybe not a Google Fi issue. Just a phone issue? I installed it on my work phone as well. That is a Samsung with Verizon. Works just fine there.

I looked in the apps settings and permissions for Protect on my phone. It is allowed to work on LTE. I even tried putting it in unrestricted mode. Still wont connect. Any idea on a way to smoke out the cause?

Perhaps something in your firewall blocking connections?

I looked. Not seeing anything. But not sure why I would be able to remote in from other networks via wifi, but not via LTE. Or, stranger yet, using the hotspot on my wife’s phone and can then connect to the UNVR. But, her phone can not connect via LTE running the app either.

Phone to phone via wifi > LTE to internet > home network > UNVR = works
Phone > LTE to internet > home network > UNVR = not working.

Replace the second phone and LTE with any other wifi I have tried, and it works.

I still have my pfsnese install SSD. I may toss that in and see if it works. If it does then I know it is a firewall issue with Untangle. If not, I will be scratching my head some more.

I can also connect via unifi.ui.com on my phone using the web browser. Firefox, in my case. Very strange.

New thing. I changed my phone from T-mobile to Sprint and now Protect connects. WTF???

Are you running pfblocker? If so try turning it off.

I am behind Untangle right now. When i get home tonight I try turning off all the apps.

I turned off all apps on Untangle. Still not connecting via T-mobile, but Sprint works. I have not swapped back to pfsense yet to try that. Might not get a chance to try that till this weekend.

Had a chance to flip back to pfsense for testing. Still not connecting if on T-mobile but works via Sprint. I tried disabling pfblocker as well. Same results.