Unifi Products - WIFI speed issue

I hope this topic is in the right category. But here is an issue I am having with.

I currently have couple of Unifi Products such as a CloudKey Gen 2, two Unifi Switches, and a Unifi AP Pro. I have 1GB/1GB Fiber where I live.

The issue I am having with is the WIFI is not taking the full speed and I am only betwen 200-300MB. Is there any recommends or settings. Is it an issue with the Cat5 cable or can i use Cat6 or Cat7 or does those even matter.

Cat5e should be all that is needed. Have you done any speed tests local to your network? I would run iPerf tests to isolate the internet connection, switches, and WAP.

It seems like I’m using Cat6 but that shouldn’t make any difference right! I tested and isolated and stuff, still the same issue.

What are you using for a modem? Have you done a speed test while plugged directly into it?

I am using pfsense! plugin into using cable gives me 800-900MB is correct. is the wifi that is not giving
the proper speed

You are aware that you are not going to get wire speed from wifi right?


of course, I am aware that wired speed and wifi will be different. i wouldn’t expect to be this low at 200MB-300MB. if i use my eero 6, i get 500MB-600MB for wifi

Are you running on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz?

most of my devices are on 5GHz, i only have a few devices like ring is on a 2.4, and old laptops that can’t do 5GHz.

most of my devices are WIFI 6

Is your Unifi AP Pro wifi 6?

it is definitely is!

200-300 Mbps sounds like your WiFi bandwidth is set to 40. What channels are you using, what bandwidth, and how congested is the WiFi environment?

so it says for 2.4GHz is Channel Width is set to HT20 with a channel of auto and 5Ghz is HE40 with channel of auto. do i need to change this.