Unifi or Edge, which is better for advanced home network


I am planing to rebuild my home network. I am not sure about router yet, still thinking between edge router 4 or some pfSense / openSense hw.

What I need or plan is to have separate IoT network (both cable and wifi) and separate quest wifi network.

I have done some research and these are my options:

switch : edge switch 8 150W
wifi AP : airCube AC
cost 256€

switch : unify switch 8 150W
wifi AP : unify AC Pro or Lite
cost 330€ or 269€

question #1
edge switch 10xp is bit cheaper and has “simple” POE but could be OK
do you think that network performance is similar to ES-8-150?

question #2
airCube is cheaper than unify AC pro or Lite.
what do you think about performance? is it comparable?

question #3
unify switch 8 - 60W is cheaper, what about network performance?

What I learn is that edge products are more (or better) configurable over UMTS or over device web interface. So I prefer option 1.

what do you think?

thank you for comments and answers.

What is your goal? Do you want to test stuff at home that you’re then going to deploy at work? If so go with what will meet the needs of your larger installs.

If you’re just trying to get something working at home on a budget, go with a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X. It’s cheap and can do VLANs.

If you’re going to deploy a Unifi switch, you’ll need to build or buy a controller. Once you have done that deploying a Unifi AP like the AC lite or AC Pro is easy. The Air Cube is from a separate product line, so you’ll have to configure that differently.

Honestly, the Unifi USG firewall would be a little easier to get working if the rest of your gear is Unifi. Check out this video to see the whole configuration process: