Unifi NVR flooding network with traffic

We ran into an issue on a network with slow network speeds. Ran wireshark and found that a Unifi NVR was flooding the network with a layer 2 storm. We already have the camera system VLAN isolated, but that’s not stopping this problem because this is a layer 2 issue. Here’s a screenshot of the NVR port traffic on the switch. Why would an NVR be sending more data than it’s receiving?
This is the only Unifi equipment on the network.

Not something that I have encountered have you tried to SSH in an figure out what is causing it or considered reloading the system?

Another tech ssh’d in and spent a bit of time and couldn’t find anything obvious. Would reloading the system be the next step? And would it be possible to restore from backup after reloading, or should it be built from scratch to avoid bringing the problem back?

I would try backing up the config, reload, restore config. If that does not work then try from scratch.