Unifi network over 300 APs


I have a unifi network with over 300 APs

the controller (5.14.23) is installed ubuntu 18.04 server running on hyper-v server and is allocated 4 CPUs and 16gig of ram

(it was running on windows 2012 server but not very well so that why it now on linux but still is running slow

I remember Tom said something in one of his videos that you need to change some settings in linux if you are using over 200 APs

I am trying to find out what these changes are

Please bare in mind that I have very little knowledge of Linux command line so if you could treat me as a newbe

you help would be much appreciated



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Here is the video https://youtu.be/UMJCrcWhiH0

Here are the settings changes

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Hi Tom

thanks for the update

when i looked at the Unifi system.properties file

the unifi.xmx=XXXX and the unifi.xms=XXXX did not exist so i added them along with “inform.max_keep_alive_requests=200”

is this ok to do this