Unifi Network Controller Losing Switch

Hi Everyone,

I just bought my first Unifi Switch (USW-48-PRO) as I found the videos covering it
here encouraging (coming off of decades with Dell, Cisco and Citrix).

So far the configuration was easy to learn after a little trial and error but I am having
a beyond frustrating time with the Network Controller. For some reason it keeps losing
connectivity with the Switch, showing it Offline and forcing me to factory reset/readopt.

I’m assuming there is something it doesn’t like in the configuration (restoring a backup seemed to reproduce the problem), but I don’t know ever where to look.

The main symptoms I have found:

  1. Throughout my initial configs the switch kept changing its IP address ever 30 minutes or so
  2. Client IPs updated extremely slowly if at all
  3. The ‘offline’ issue seems to have happened as I was applying switch ports to the various ports (including disabling some, etc).

Note that during the entire time it is supposedly ‘offline’ the switch has been passing traffic without any issue.

The only other factors I can consider which may be non-standard (altho I read it’s supported):

  1. I’m running the controller off my PC for now (just for convenience)
  2. I have had to switch my PC (and therefore the controller) between various Port Configs as I’ve tested the various profiles, but again there hasn’t been any firewall type issue, etc.

Thanks for the help!

Do you have any host overrides set for the hostname of the controller? Basically there is a setting where after the devices connect to the controller if you have this set it will change the inform URL.

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That did the trick! Thank you so much.

It was just so confusing because I didn’t realize that the network controller’s IP was required for the switch to ‘find it.’ In the end I was able to set both the host override and the hostname but had to do so from the legacy interface. The new interface has a place for the override but from what I can tell, no place for hostname.