Unifi Layer 3 traffic monitoring

I’ve just finished an upgrade to a full Unifi network.

Firewall - UXG-Pro
Switches - All Layer 3
Separate VLANs for - Desktops, WiFi, and Servers

I originally had the network setup as a Layer 2 VLAN network and everything worked well, all the traffic was monitored, but I was getting a bottleneck on the 10GB UXG-Pro when routing between the Desktop and Server VLANs. So I decided to switch the Desktop and Server VLANs over to Layer 3 and route them via the core aggregrate switch. This solved the issue with the bottleneck, but now I can no longer monitor the traffic in the Unifi web interface, it’s just blank.
Screenshot 2023-02-27 133023

Is this an issue with Unifi or am i missing something that will allow me to monitor traffic on an L3 VLAN?

I have not really done much testing with UniFi & their layer three setup but my guess is that it’s a bug in their system.

Thanks for the reply Tom, hopefully, this will be addressed in a future software update.