Unifi Layer 3 Interface Down

I am trying to use Layer 3 Routing on my USW PRO 48 POE. For some reason after making a new network routed by the switch, the required interfaces have not come up. What command would I use to do this manually?

Have you modified port profiles? You need at least one port in each VLAN for the L3 interface to be up. If you have a port set to the “All” profile then this shouldn’t be the issue.

I don’t think those can be shutdown, so if you do have a port in each VLAN I’d suggest rebooting.

You’re a life saver. Even though I had ports set to the ALL profile it wasn’t coming up but I think it’s because those ports were disconnected. When I added VLAN 4040 to my custom profile that was connected it came up. Thanks again!