UniFi L3 Limitations

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Still learning so bare with me. Currently I have a UDMP, 16port PoE, and a Flex XG 10g. I have a server facing the internet with port 443 forwarded. I use SMB for file sharing and when I have the server on a separate Vlan I have ports 139 and 445 forwarded. What I want is to have the server alone on its own Vlan and have my PC still able to share files at 10g speeds. Currently I have been hopping my PC between the server Vlan and main Vlan to transfer files as to not go through the router at 1g speed. I was able to try a UniFi L3 switch but I could not get any port forwarding to work from UDM router to switch as router. I was aware I would have to separate the Vlan communication with ACL’s but I was unaware port forward would not work. Is this a limitation on UniFi switches, say would a Mikrotik switch do this? Or am I going about this wrong and should look more at a 10g router / PfSense?

You should not route storage networks, the more ideal setup is to put an interface on each subnet that you need to access to the storage. Also while L3 routing can be done, I am not clear on how fast that the L3 equipment from UniFi can handle the traffic. This goes for MikroTik as well. For example their MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+IN can support 10G connections but the L3 routed speed is much slower.

Thanks Tom, but would I not be in the same situation? If I had my storage on my main Vlan and a separate server on a different Vlan with a layer 3 switch I would not be able to port forward 139 and 445 so I could not use SMB correct?

The more ideal situation is to NOT route storage through the firewall.

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Yep. To avoid the unnecessary io delays, unless the storage is an s3 bucket, may then its tolerable given the design of s3.

Thanks guys. Makes sense. I moved storage back to main Vlan for 10g and setup share to outward server sense the wan out is the limiting factor. I’m just of the mindset that the router “routes” and should have enough horsepower to do so in any config.