Unifi Issue with IoT devices

I recently switched from an Asus Router to 2 Unifi Access Points along with
a VM running the Unifi Controller software. Phones\Tablets\PC’s all seem to
be working on it very well but I cant seem to get some of the IoT devices to
connect to the new Wifi. I have 2 Nest Smoke Detectors, 2 Ring Spotlight Cams
and 1 Ring Doorbell. I cant get any of these devices to connect to the new
wifi. I setup the SSID\Password exactly the same as the old wifi. I have tried
factory resetting the devices, and going thru the setup procedures, but nothing
works. Since they are simple devices I dont get any useful error messages to
research, just a blinking led, etc. Has anyone else had any issues getting these
kind of devices onto Unifi?

Not a single issue with my Ring Spotlight cam, and NEST Thermostat connecting to an AC-Lite. I assume you have everything up to date on the latest firmware?

Yea both AP’s are on the latest firmware. Its a very odd problem lol

check your WPA Mode.
(settings/wireless network/

and for security wpa personal

Hmm mode was set to WPA2 Only, Ill set it to Both and see if it helps.
Wonder if Ring\Nest supports WPA2…

It was already set to WPA Personal

nest uses 2,4 GHz
check out the band/channels in de unify controller.

and check the website:

Do you have this enabled?


My Sensi thermostat won’t work with that enabled.