Unifi InterVLAN Routing

Hello everyone!

We recently moved from Cisco to Unifi (UDMP and Gen 2 Pro switches to be exact) in our business network. I have setup my networks etc but i have an issue with interVLAN routing within unifi.
The company has two buildings

  1. Showroom VLAN 2
  2. Store VLAN 1

The Accounting/Stock Server is located on the VLAN 2 network (Server IP and i tried to make a static route between the server (VLAN 1) to (VLAN 2) but didn’t worked out. I also tried making firewall Lan in , Lan out and Lan Local rules but no luck.

Am i missing something out? In Cisco was a straight forward way of sharing “devices” between subnets…

I would love to see a video in this topic!
Thanks in advance !

The UniFi intervlan routing is confusing and poorly implemented. I covered how it works in this video https://youtu.be/4qat8isJMyY and I am not certain when/if I will do another on the topic unless they make some changes to how it works.

Unless you have a need for >1Gb/s between those VLANs, I would recommend not using the intervlan routing on the switch and just let your router/firewall handle it.