UniFi - how to prevent meshing?

Hi all, first post and contrary to other meshing questions.

I have a Unifi/PFsense network setup at a sports ground with 10 UniFi APs.
All the APS are either hard wired or connected back to a central point (PfSense in to a fibre and a Starlink inet connections) through NanoBeams. I do not want any meshing as each AP can have up to 100 users connected at a time and I want maximum throughput back to the PFSense router.

Relevant items:
Unifi version 7.4.162 (on mini PC)
UAP-nano-hd version 6.5.64
UAP-flex-hd version 6.5.64

I have meshing turned off in the UniFi network application (never been turned on with APs adopted) and both the nano and the flex are hardwired.

However the nano and flex will not stop meshing with each other. (like a couple of kids in the back seat!)

The nano usually meshes with the flex, however through my various tests, occasionally the flex may mesh with the nano. The two APs are about 25 metres apart. I have tried ‘forgetting’ them in unifi and then re-adopting them to no avail. I have tried factory defaulting them to no avail. I have tried factory resetting them, reloading the firmware, re-adopting them, (all the while the other AP is turned off). As soon as they are back in range, they hook up again!

How do I prevent this happening? It doesn’t happen to the other AP’s.

Not a problem I have encountered but I also don’t have any UnFi Nanos to test. Might want to check if there is an over ride option on the individual AP settings menu.

Where are you seeing the AP meshing ?

Can you share a screenshot

I would also looking into updating the controller to 7.5.172